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Resilient Landscapes has 3 broad value propositions of knowledge, expertise and competencies, helping leverage the power of the private sector and spurring private finance investment in nature-based solutions.

In partnership with the public sector, Resilient Landscapes aims to scale up proven, science-based solutions to address our planet’s most urgent global crises including climate change, deforestation, broken food systems, hunger, poverty, and biodiversity loss.

What we do

For Companies

  • Deliver on corporate climate and sustainability pledges

    We help you “walk the talk” by identifying and designing sound forestry and agroforestry projects that deliver certified carbon credits with high social and environmental benefits. We provide detailed technical analysis supported by cutting-edge scientific research and evidence to ensure project success.
  • Go carbon neutral

    We conduct project risk analysis and stringent due diligence to recommend the most promising carbon projects with the highest social and environmental returns.
  • Green Supply Chains

    We design and implement bespoke projects to help you remove deforestation and illegality from your commodity value chains, while ensuring profitability and supply volumes that meet your business goals.
  • Provide new and innovative monitoring and evaluation (M&E) tools

    Our new Agricultural Performance System will revolutionize the way you use certification.

For Investors

  • Ensure a steady pipeline of bankable projects

    Through rigorous scientific and technical assessment and risk analysis, we bring pre-vetted projects with high financial, social and environmental impact (climate change mitigation and adaptation, conservation, biodiversity) to your doorstep.
  • Connect all the actors along the value chain

    Facilitate co-design and co-location for green investments with public sector, private sector and local communities.
  • De-risk private investments

    Find strategic public partners to lower risks.
  • Perform M&E

    Advise on required environmental, safeguard and governance (ESG) metrics and assist with climate-risk reporting.

For Governments

  • Identify and design land-use projects

    We co-create and co-design viable projects aligned with your vision and policies in sustainable land use that address livelihoods, economic development, environmental concerns and the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).
  • Leverage co-financing for large-scale projects

    Source from the private sector, financial investors, multilateral institutions and development banks to finance forestry and agroforestry projects.
  • Ensure compliance with ESG criteria, perform M&E

    Provide standards, metrics and monitoring.
  • Strategic Advice

    Offer sound technical and policy advice based on our science, research, data and evidence.
  • Capacity Development

    Facilitate trainings and technical assistance.
  • Convene Networks

    Scale your reach and connect you to regional and global networks.
  • Perform M&E

For Donors

  • Deliver projects with an integrated and holistic landscape approach

    Source, implement and manage projects with high social and environmental impact (climate change mitigation and adaptation, nature-based solutions, conservation, biodiversity, etc.) based on detailed technical analysis and cutting-edge scientific research and evidence.
  • Convene networks and spur partnerships

    Facilitate co-design and co-location for specific investments with the public sector, private sector and local communities across inclusive and holistic landscapes.
  • Ensure compliance with ESG criteria and perform M&E

    Provide standards, metrics, monitoring and evaluation
  • Leverage Investments

    Find suitable private-sector investors to match donor funding through innovative and mutually-beneficial PPPs and Finance Facilities.

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Our Expertise


Remove tropical deforestation and illegality from commodity supply chains.


Win-win solutions for people, businesses and our planet’s precious natural capital.

Ecosystem Services

Safeguard the invaluable services that ecosystems provide to human and planetary well-being.

Resilient Landscapes is powered by CIFOR-ICRAF. Our mission is to connect private and public actors in co-beneficial landscapes; provide evidence-based business cases for nature-based solutions and green economy investments; leverage and de-risk performance-driven investments with combined financial, social and environmental returns.


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