Managalas Conservation Area in Papua New Guinea

Sustaining Forests for Climate. Nature. People

Papua New Guinea Commitments and Challenges 

Forest ownership is in the hands of the communities and presided over by the clan Chiefs. However, with economic pressures, the scope for commercial logging and land conversion to agriculture is increasing.  

According to PNG’s 2020 enhanced Nationally Determined Contributions, by 2030 PNG is committed to reducing annual emissions from deforestation and forest degradation, due to agriculture expansion and commercial logging of 10,000 Gg CO2 eq compared to the 2015 level.  

Climate change and environmental sustainability are part of the seven strategic focus areas of PNG Vision 2050. This calls for the promotion of sustainable development through the ”wise use” principle and emphasizes maintenance of biodiversity and sustainable use in economic planning. 



The Managalas Forest Carbon Pilot Project with Resilient Landscapes

Resilient Landscapes is supporting PNG to attract private sector participation and green foreign direct investment (GFDI) to deliver greater social, environmental, and economic impact. To enable this, Resilient Landscapes aims to undertake a Nature Based Solutions (NBS) Institutional Preparedness Program to deliver a framework for high quality NBS project development and lay the foundations for landscape level NBS commercial financing through innovative financial instruments (including green sovereign bonds). 

“As international partners, Resilient Landscapes, powered by CIFOR-ICRAF, is  bringing its knowledge, its expertise and its networks. And in doing so, will develop bespoke, people- and nature-centred business solutions that protect forest biodiversity, carbon and water stocks while reducing climate risks. Fundamentally, the Managalas community will benefit from investments in their natural capital to improve their livelihoods.” – Tony Simons 

Resilient Landscapes has received the explicit support of the Prime Minister of PNG, Hon. James Marape and the Governor of the Oro Province, Gary Juffa, to develop NBS projects in the Managalas Conservation Area. Governors of other regions in PNG have also expressed interest to develop and implement similar partnerships on NBS projects in their provinces. Moreover, the Minister for Environment, Conservation and Climate Change, Hon. Wera Mori has endorsed the proposal as a showcase example for the Managalas to show the real value of natural capital. 



Resilient Landscapes is powered by CIFOR-ICRAF. Our mission is to connect private and public actors in co-beneficial landscapes; provide evidence-based business cases for nature-based solutions and green economy investments; leverage and de-risk performance-driven investments with combined financial, social and environmental returns.

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